Friday, April 17, 2015

Hunting Area 1~100level

If you don't know where you should go at lower level, let's try these area.
The map where I recommend is for no gear and new player. And, I don't include map where needs plvler.
1-10 Central Platen Boulevard / Near the Entrance to Bruhnenschteing
10-30 Catacombs B3
30-60 Augusta Vampire
60-100 Iron Mine B5

1-10: Central Platen Boulevard / Near the Entrance to Bruhnenschteing.
Mob: Kobold

10-30: The catacombs B3 Mob: Mummy/Miira/ Runed Mummy

30-60 Augusta Vampire

1 map up from Augusta.

60-100 Iron Mine B5. Go to Hanov and top of the map, there is portal for Iron MineB1. 
Good Luck to be 100 lv :D

Next post will be soon

Thursday, April 16, 2015

T-set Boss Information.

I apologize that this list isn't organized well and didn't put information yet. 
I'll do it whenever I can 

Squire, Warrior, Archer, Lancer, Thief, Monk, Tamer-Summoner, Priest, Angel, Mage, Wolf, Princess, Little, Necro, Demon, Champion, Spirtualist, Opticalist, Beastman, Maid, DarkSoc

T-set Information 
Boss Level / Re-spawn Time / Place / Which character   

 55 / 50 min / Old Redeye lab B3/Mage, Opticalist

 60 / 50 min / Oat dungeon B3 /Warrior, Spiritualist

 64 / 30 min / Plain in Baahel - Western Erberk Mountain Area/ Princess, Little Witch

 65 / 50 min / South watchtower Hanov 2F / Archer

 75 / 50 min / Rooly - Mouth of the river / Squire, Priest, Champion (60T)

 80 / 50 min / Tandpend Plains – Twilight Falls Area / Demon
85 / 50 min / Cancer B3 / Tamer, Summoner

 85 / 50 min / Guard Grave B1 / Thief, Monk

 95 / 50 min / Ruined Sibine Fortress / Angel

100 / 50 min / Drug Den B2 / Necro

105 / 50 min / Thief Warehouse B B2 / Archer, Princess

120 (Hot) / 60 min / Big Grave B2 / Mage, Little Witch, Opticalist

130 / 60 min / Underpass of Smug B3 / Squire, Warrior, Spiritualist, Champion

145 / 60 min / Twilight Falls B5 / Demon

160(Hot) / 60 min / Thief warehouse C B3/ Thief, Monk

175 / 60 min / “DO” dungeon B3 / Necro

180 / 60 min / “DI” dungeon B2 / Lancer

185(Hot) / 60 min / Mi dungeon B1/ Tamer, Summoner

190 / 60 min / Salty Cave B4 / Wolf

200 / 60 min / “LA” dungeon B2 / Priest, Angel

217(Hot) / 5hours 38min / Salty Cave B7 / Mage, Necro, Little, Demon, Opticalist

220/ 5hours 38min/ Swep 8F / Beastman 

270 / 5hours 38min / Exhibition of Past Glories / Squire, Warrior, Thief, Monk, Champion, Spiritualist

285(Hot) / 5hours 38min / East of Trum Forrest / Priest, Angel, Princess, Tamer, Summoner

290 / 5hours 38 min / North of Trum Forrest / Same as 285T

295 / 5hours 38min / Swep Tower 8F / Wolf, Lancer, Archer

330 / 7hours 38min / Nameless Tower B4 / Squire, Warrior, Thief, Spirit, Champion

330(hot) / 7hours 38min / Swep Tower 15F / Mage, Necro, Demon, Little, Opticalist

350 / 7hours 38min / West of Trum Forrest / Priest, Angel, Princess, Tamer, Summoner
385 / 7hours 38min / South of Trum Forrest / Wolf, Archer, Lancer

410 / 7hours 38min / Swep Tower B6 / Same as 385T

415(Hot) / 9hours 38min / Ossy B4 / Mage, Little Witch, Necro, Demon, Angel, Opticalist

425 / 9hours 38min / Ossy B6 / Squire Warrior, Thief, Monk, Lancer,Spiritualist, Champion

450 / 9hours 38min / Swep Tower B13 / Wolf, Priest, Archer, Summoner, Tamer, Princess

470 / 10hours 38min / Short cut to the place dark elves / Wolf, Thief, Archer, Little

490(hot) / 10hours 38min / Spine Hall B2 / Necro, Princess, Tamer, Summoner, Mage, Priest, Opticalist

535 / 10hours 38min / Mizna Cave B2 / Squire, Warrior, Monk, Lancer, Demon, Spiritualist, Champion

560 / 11hours 45min / Vestige B2 / Tamer, Summoner, Demon, Necro, Archer, Princess, Little, Angel

580(hot) / 11hours 45min / Gold Swamp Cave B3 / Squire Warrior, Mage, Wolf, Priest, Monk, Lancer, Spiritualist, Opticalist, Champion
650(hot) / 12hours 50min / Molinar Tower 6F / Mage, Priest, Wolf, Angel, Demon, Necro, Little Witch, Opticalist

710 / 12hours 50min / Forrest of Time / Squire, Warrior, Lancer, Monk, thief, Princess, Spiritualist , Archer, Champion

Total 42 Boss
Find Your T-set.
Maid, Beastman, Dark Soc information will be posted as soon as possible.
Also, if you are able to share T-set information on Maid/Beastman/DarkSoc, please let me know “lv of t-set”, “place”, “re-spawn time” :D

Monday, April 13, 2015

534lv stat

2 dark pets are activated.
I don't use any support skill /oil/stat item/title.


How monk is the good for sw/gv.
T/M: Hello all~ :D
M: Why you didn't upload blog like 1~2weeks?
T: I'm organizing about monk skill right now, and it doesn't complete yet :(
M: Why don't you put "editing" or "working" and let's update what you have already done?
T: That's good idea!
T: I'll upload little by little about this issue :D
M: So... one day if you completely finished everything on this issue, you can delete this little conversation xD
T: yep :P

Most of people recognize that thief/monk absolutely separated their work. Thief is as attack mode and monk is as defend mode. Therefore, opponent side usually hate being monk, because that character is very hard tanker. So, it may cause people call you as chicken or not a man. However, let’s think about your position. You (monk) are not working for opponent. You work on for your own guild/team, so be proud of being monk side first. Don’t be nervous or change thief if someone call you chicken. :D

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Great drop items!

T/M: Hello All! How are you?
T: Today I have upload my items what I have gotten from mob and GM.
M: Nice! You get so many Us and good items?
T: Yea! I got more than 30+ U items in this week.
M: WoW Great!!!
T: Also, I have gotten many hp% armor/earing :D
T: I'll pick some good items what I have gotten!


Tenacity 500lv